Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Monikie 16 April 2011 shortly after sunrise

The plan was to be at Monikie Country Park just after sun rise with the aim of getting some photos in the early morning light.  The week leading up to this the sun had been rising bright into an almost clear sky giving great scenes.  However, this morning seemed to be the exception!

After sleeping in (aimed to be up before 6am) I got up and left the house around 6:30am, the sun was rising and shining through the little cloud that was in the sky giving a pink and purple sunrise, so far so good.  Problem was that by the time I got to Monikie the colours only lasted another 15 minutes or so.


I ended up spending almost 2.5 hours there taking some 400 photos!  It was a bit weird but magical, no-one else around but plenty of wildlife (a woodpecker, plenty rabbits, 2 red squirrels chasing each other, birds of prey [I couldn’t tell what they were] plenty ducks and a few swans to name a few) but at the same time a bit disappointing.

Why disappointing?  Because despite the fact I took 400 photos I didn’t feel that any of them were any good, or certainly not what I aimed to get, so felt like I had just been wasting my own time.

The real aim was to get a couple of great photos so I could get them printed onto canvas,  but with the light being the way it was, i.e. very low, all the photos came out relatively dark and colourless.  I did get a few I liked but I don’t think they would work being printed onto canvas and hung in myhouse.



The lesson I have learnt from this outing – I expect to simply control either the Shutter Speed or Aperture and let the camera do the rest expecting to take great photographs.  This is fundamentally the wrong attitude to have, but I shouldn’t be downbeat about it, instead I need to do more reading in order to learn what I should have done in this situation.  There is a book I’ve been wanting to order so will get that and maybe revisit in the summer.


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