Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Kingsbarns evening beach shoot – Part 1

After getting a shout from a photographer friend asking if I wanted to join him on an evening shoot I jumped at the chance.  The plan: head to the beach at Kingsbarns Fife to take advantage of what promised to be a great and colourful sunset.  Well things did not quite turn out as planned.

There was still plenty light when we arrived but the sky had clouded over so didn’t present any obvious shots at that time.  With this our thoughts turned to taking long exposure shots of the waves on the rocks, problem was it was a very calm night so no waves.

So with no colourful sky and no waves we just kinda shot anything we could see:

But then after some photo taking and much mucking around on the beach we were rewarded with some colour breaking through the cloud cover as the sun went down, not much but better than we thought we might get:

Shortly after this it got very dark very quickly which presented another opportunity –  that can wait until another blog.  But it was good to finally get out with another group of local photographers and great to get on a shoot with the 2 members of PK Perspective.


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