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iPhone 4S camera

At the launch of the most recent iPhone (the 4S) we heard much about how good the camera would be in it.  I was very sceptical about it but seeing as I’d had the 3Gs for well over 2 years and was very aware of how poor the camera was in that even compared to the newer 4, I was going to be getting this handset anyway.

After now having had it for a couple of months I’ve had a little time to pay around with the camera.  While it will never be as good for stills photography as my Canon 450D I have actually been really impressed with it.

Here is a couple of examples taken recently with it (both have had slight editing done in LightRoom but nothing major):

So far I am very impressed.  It still struggles in very low light conditions but then even my Canon with fast glass can struggle under those conditions and considering I always have my iPhone with me (even when out running) it’s great to know I also have a decent camera with me.


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  1. I think the style of camera may also have something to do with it in regards to low-light. You can get decent hand-held shots from an slr as it’s designed to sit comfortably in your hands where as an iphone will always be held away from the body meaning it will always suffer more camera shake than that of an slr which is close to your face and more centre to you, the human mono-pod.

    11/12/2011 at 01:38

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