Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

New Years Dook

My Father-in-law (Ian Angus) was crazy enough to take part in this years New Years Dook down at the sea front in Arbroath.  I decided to take the camera along to record the craziness.   He manage to raise over £100 for Cancer Research UK (not the final total yet) and here are some photos:

Getting ready

The before

The eager ones already in

Ian going in as most are heading back out

Probably wondering if that's far enough yet

Some couldn't get out fast enough

Others not so much

Some even went for a swim

But in the end they all wanted out

Some of the on lookers - note the photographers staying out of the water

Although not this guy, has no-one told him that salt water is bad for his Canon!

The after and trying to warm up again

I have to say a big well done to Ian and all those that took part.  I was freezing just standing watching, with my 3 layers on so can only imagine how cold they were.  In fact my daughter was very concerned for those taking part, just look at her little face as she watched her granddad go into the sea:

Aila was worried for them


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