Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Cheating or Art?

Going back to my previous blog (Friday Night Out) when I took a photo of the harbour at Tayport, I then used this image as a submission on for the ‘Moon’ assignment.

Moon you say? There’s no moon in that shot?  You are correct, yet my submission for the assignment did indeed have the moon in it.  This is an example of manipulating an image by placing something that wasn’t there into it as if it was.

Ok this is a bad example because, although I placed it so that there would be a reflection due to the harbour wall, I made the moon too big for the image.  Apart from it being a particularly bad example, it was my first attempt after all, it was always one of my ideas for this assignment to do something like this.  Ideally it would have been another scene such asBroughtyFerryCastlewith the moon behind it but as per usual I ran out of time for the assignment so made do with the harbour shot.

The question I ask then – is this cheating (i.e. making something that wasn’t what the camera actually captured) or is it art (i.e. making something that is pleasing to look at)?

Take a look at both shots and see what you think:

Note: the image of the moon was in fact taken by myself and on the same night, but it wasn’t until around 3 hours after the harbour shot was taken when the moon finally came up that night.


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