Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland


The last assignment over on was ‘Engineering’.  Being short of inspiration I decided not to try and come up with an interpretation/play on the work Engineering but instead simply go on a hunt to find some good old fashioned structure that could be considered Engineering.

With this I had a day off a couple of Fridays ago and seeing as the sun was out and bright I headed on down to riverside in Dundee.  The rough plan was to photograph the Tay Rail Bridge and/or the Tay Road Bridge.  Starting with the Tay Rail Bridge, I managed to grab some decent images:

Falling Tide

Out over the Tay

Current bridge with the piers of the previous one

Coping stone of Pier 12 of the original bridge

I also managed to take the following image, I say image but there are actually two as I applied different LightRoom pre-sets to them and can’t really make up my mind which I prefer:

Tay Rail Bridge

The Silvery Tay

Overall I think I am more impressed with the black and white image as it isolates the bridge from its surroundings (i.e. removed the hills in the background).  But I still really like the colour version as it highlights more detail in the structure of the bridge as well as showing the light coming across/through it.

In the end I decided to enter the black and white version as my assignment entry – like many other members on the site black and white seemed to be the obvious choice for the subject of Engineering.  But this is a perfect example of how simply applying a pre-set within LightRoom can dramatically change an image, the trick is finding and applying the correct one for that image and for that scenario.

Note: and seeing as it was so cold with the wind channelling down the Tay I decided not to bother photographing the Tay Road Bridge, that can wait until another day.


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