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Flash Bounce

Having recently purchased a Canon 430ex II speedlite I’ve been trying to learn how to use it, granted so far I’ve been mainly using TTL mode (where the camera works out the power needed instead of me) but I figured this was a good place to start before attempting manual mode.

I haven’t had many opportunities lately to get the camera out and play but during a recent trip toYorkwe ended up at theNationalRailwayMuseum.  This was a perfect opportunity to get the camera out and with it being so dark in the big halls it was a perfect time to play with the speedlite.

I was mainly concentrating on using bounce go get evenly exposed images (like I said I was using it in TTL mode so did have to worry about power) rather than getting imaged where the nearest part of an engine was way brighter than the rest.

Here’s a few examples of what I mean by bouncing the flash:

Flash direct at subject means the facing side is visible but everything else is in darkness

Flash pointing at the roof but as the ceiling is so high it cannot bounce the light back to fully light the subject

Flash bouncing off the engine to the left of shot and upwards so it lights the subject evenly (although slightly too high)

Flash directed above the subject in an attempt to bouncy it off the ceiling

Flash direct at the subject which over exposed the front and under exposed the rear

Again flash bounced off the engine to the right of shot which gives an even light across the subject although it remains underexposed due to the TTL mode getting it wrong

Flash directed just to the right of the subject and slightly out of shot which exposed the shed door more than the subject

If I remember correctly the flash was aimed at the ceiling but due to the ceiling height it was under exposed (also partly a TTL issue)

To be honest I have no idea where the flash was aimed in this shot but clearly it wasn’t the correct place

Flash bounced partly off the floor and partly off another object out of shot to the left, not perfect (the floor is more exposed than the subject) but an improvement to get even light over the subject

As you can see it can make a huge difference to the images.


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