Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Evening Stroll

After what feels like weeks of nothing but rain Dundee actually had a sunny day and evening.  With that I decided to jump on this opportunity and head out with the camera for sunset.  Seeing as we live on the very edge of Dundee I only had to walk 4-5 minutes to be out in the countryside and fields.  Here is a selection of shots I managed to get:

No trolls under this bridge


The one thing I did learn is that I should have stayed out longer and waited until the sun was fully down, that way getting the full coloured sky shots.  But the problem was it was coming up to 10pm and I had to get up for a 9 mile run at 4:30am the next morning.

Another thing I discovered on this outing is that despite it being light with the sun shining I really should have taken my speedlite flash with me.

Why you may ask – because whilst exposing for the brightness of the sky (in order to avoiding it being ‘blown out’) everything in the foreground tended to be way underexposed.  If I had used my speedlite then I could have thrown some extra light on the foreground and balanced things out a little.  I have managed to some balancing in post edit but that took some time (something I was trying to get away from this year) and a bit of luck as I was shooting in bracketed mode.  This meant I was taking 3 shots of each scene (one at the exposure I selected, another 1 stop up and another 1 stop down from that exposure) and was able to select the best one of each later when editing.

An alternative also could have been to use a reflector to bounce back some of the sunlight onto the foreground (especially the close up shots/subjects) but seeing as I don’t have a stand and clamp for it that would have been impossible and also more gear to carry around.


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