Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Auchmithie harbour

Managed to get out on another evening shoot with the good folks over at PK Perspective.  This time we ended up exploring Auchmithie harbour, just up the coast from Arbroath.

Only one of the five of us had actually been before so we didn’t know what to expect, what we found was a brilliant little pebble beach and rocks next to a run down harbour, surrounded by cliffs.  It was a truly great place to be taking photos that night as the tide was on it’s way out (must have dropped 8-10 meters in the few hours we were there) leaving wet shiny pebbles, while the waves still crashed in.  Pity we didn’t get the sunset we hoped for (the sky never became colourful) but then again the harbour was facing East so it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.

Here is a selection of what I managed to capture:

When we arrived, yes you need to walk back up that path/set of steps!

With it being so light I was struggling to get long exposures till the light faded

But it got easier as the light went

Same as above but managed to capture a bigger wave

With only little waves

With bigger waves, and yes wet feet!

Again struggled to get a longer exposure without blowing everything out

Love the variety of colours of the pebbles on this beach

Trying to isolate the colours of the foreground pebbles

Can't decide if I prefer landscape or portrait of this shot

Sky, cliffs, rocks, pebbles, the little sand there was and sea all in one shot

Another brilliant little area to shoot

Similar shot but in colour

Again a similar shot but without a long shutter speed

So many vistas

Another shot trying to demonstrate the scene, hard to do without a wide angle lens

Of course someone always gets in the way when you do a long exposure shot!

Shot without someone in it

So many shiny pebbles of all colours and sizes

The only sandy part to the beach and again I got wet feet getting this shot

Due to all the pebbles I was suckered into playing around with them and trying out something I had seen over on 500px by Iain Blake (I would suggest people go and see his work):

For any local photographers interested in landscape or long exposure shots then I would recommend taking a trip down to Auchmithie harbour.  I’m hoping to return sometime preferably before sunrise to try and capture the sun coming up (or the colours pre sunrise) as well as the waves breaking over the rocks and pebbles.


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