Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Glenshee night

So with all the good weather we’ve been having I ended up on another evening shoot with the folks over at PK Perspective. This time we decided not to the the usual and head to the coast, instead we headed inland up towards Braemar.  However, as we headed up towards Glenshee the mountain tops began to be covered by fog so we stopped half way up the Devils Elbow instead of going all the way to Braemar.

I was a little sceptical that we would find anything worth shooting there as the sun had gone, the landscape was very open with no points of interest and even the tops of the hills and mountains were hidden in fog.  However, after only a short walk down from the car park we dropped into a little river bed with a couple of smaller streams feeding into one.  Walking back up the other side we followed one of the streams and discovered quite a few good places to shoot.  Here’s a selection of images I captured all within less than half a mile of where we parked up, of a place that I’d never noticed before when driving passed on this road:

I came away at the end of that shoot thinking I hadn’t captured anything that I liked.  I just felt that there wasn’t enough to foreground or background subjects to make interesting images and also that there just wasn’t enough colour given the light available.  However, looking back now I am reasonably happy with what I got, yes there still isn’t enough foreground and background subjects for my liking (then again it is a very empty landscape) but with a little editing I have managed to bring out some colours to make interesting enough images.


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