Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Edinburgh Photowalk

With me having a week off last week I arranged to go to Edinburgh to take part in a Photowalk/Tour of Edinburgh.  This was something I had purchased via Groupon some time ago and had been really looking forward to it, although knowing very little about what was included and what/where I’d be going.

I soon discovered that I was in for a very enjoyable day walking around Edinburgh City Centre on a very warm sunny day and with a group of like minded amateur photographers and a very experienced guide/tutor James Christie.  During this time everyone on the tour learned a lot about photography both technically and composition wise and also some interesting historic facts along the way.

On the way around the tour we all got instructions on how to shoot specific landscapes or iconic buildings, here’s a few of what I took:

National Monument

Nelson's Monument

Nelson's Monument

Robert Burns Monument

Scottish Parliament Building

Rear of the Scottish Parliament Building

Edited Version of the rear of Scottish Parliament Building

Toll Building

St Giles Cathedral

Edinburgh Castle from Castle Terrace

Edinburgh Castle from Lothian Road area

Also whilst on the way around I took some extra shots, I could have taken soooo many more but everyone else on the tour would have been annoyed having to wait for me all the time.  So I only managed to take a few extra and here they are:

Dugald Stewart Monument

One of the pools outside the Scottish Parliament Building

Pavement outside the Scottish Parliament Building

One of the bike racks which makes a sculpture outside the Scottish Parliament Building

Sheltered walkway to the main entrance of the Scottish Parliament Building

Another shot from the rear of the Scottish Parliament Building (still needs some editing)

Another shot from the rear of the Scottish Parliament Building (still needs some editing)

Detail from a building on Victoria Street

Another part of the tour (as it was booked via Groupon) means I can select one of my images and email it to James, he will then professionally edit it before ordering it as a print.  I’m still undecided which image I want to send to him but I will look forward to seeing the result when it comes in the post – which ever one I go with it will be getting a nice frame and it will be going on a wall somewhere in my house.

I really enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend it to anyone else interested in photography no matter what level they may be, James is capable of teaching anyone from total novice to experienced shooter and anyone after taking this tour will be a lot more confident and knowledgable to be able to shoot full manual from then onwards.  Personally I’ve already been shooting full manual with my DSLR for almost a year now, but this tour has helped dramatically improve my ability to shoot manual and get a correct exposure much faster than before.  It has also confirmed a number of things and as a result make me more confident about my photography.

Note – With the exception of the one image of the windows at the rear of the Scottish Parliament Building all of these images are unedited and right out of the camera.  This is unusual as I normally do at least some editing before posting my images anywhere, so clearly this tour has taught me something.

Note 2 – I just wish I had more time after the tour so that I could have gone back to the High Street to do some street photography of the Street Festival.  Sadly time was short so I had to go catch my train but a return visit specifically for this reason may be happening sometime soon and a blog may follow shortly after.


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