Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Sportive St Andrews

This blog is a little late but here it is.

Following on from shooting the Muckmedden charity mountain bike event the good folks at PK Perspective were booked for another charity cycle event – Sportive St Andrews.  Again I offered my services to help them out cover an even with over 300 participants.

This time it was a road event which was time trials based rather than a mass start, this with the fact that there was 3 different routes (45, 64 and 80 miles) made it interesting to find locations to catch as many people as possible.

But cover it we did and I had a great time doing it with the majority of the riders entertaining us as they passed, either giving a smile, wave, pose or just a laugh and a joke.

I ended up capturing well over 750 images on the day, which I slimmed down to around 250 decent shots but I certainly won’t be posting them all here.  Instead here is just a few of what I think were the best shots and the ones that summed up the day for me:

Note – following on from this I got the very first sale of my work, via the PK Perspective site at least a handful of my images have been ordered as prints.  I haven’t asked again about how many have been ordered since I found out at least 5 have been ordered, as the fact that some sold was good enough news for me 🙂


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