Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Relay for Life 2012

So this weekend passed my wife and in-laws took part in this years Relay for Life in Arbroath. For those that don’t know what it is, basically it’s a team event and there must be at least one member from each team on the track walking (or running as some did) from 11am on the Saturday to 11am on Sunday, yes that’s right 24 hours on one of the first nights of frost this autumn!

I wasn’t sure what to expect at this event as I hadn’t been to one before, and sadly I couldn’t take part as someone had to look after our daughter so I volunteered to be the one to stay at home in a warm house and cosy double bed lol

Well I was very surprised to see how many people turned up for this event to both take part and participate. It was held at Arbroath cricket ground and most of the outer perimeter of the field was circled with tents for people staying the night and also for stalls. And the atmosphere was fun as people really made an effort with costumes/team themes etc. It was a little more subdued the next morning but a massive well done to all those that took part and turned up to support the event.

On a photography note, I decided it was a great opportunity to take some photos to capture the event. Both days started with a still crisp sunrise which meant very bright blue skies, this gave me huge problems and I really struggled to get the subject correctly exposed in each shot without the sky being fully blown out. When you look at the photos bear in mind the sky was fully blue with almost no cloud cover at all (not what some of these photos would have you believe). Of course the solution was to shoot in the other direction but the backdrop of that part of the track wasn’t as good.

The other issue I had was that at 11am both day the sun was just in the exact wrong place to capture people walking through the start and finish line. This meant I mainly got the subjects silhouetted, which could work but not in this situation as I wanted to capture the people not just their shapes.

Anyway here is a selection of what I got:

Note: for a bigger selection head over to my Facebook Page where I have a gallery containing more


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