Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

Wedding, Baxter Park Pavilion, Dundee

Last weekend I got the opportunity to help out a friend and be second shooter for a wedding he was doing.

Never having been the photographer at a wedding I was very interested to give this a try and to experience what shooting weddings is like.  Being second shooter is the best way to get experience but not having all the responsibility to make sure all the necessary shots are taken and covering the full day on your own – at least that’s what I’ve always read and hear on podcasts.

Turns out this advice is very true.  During the course of the day I got to help out setting up and getting the shots that were essential but also got to play around getting more detailed shots of the day.  These varied between detailed images of the cake, table decorations etc to catching people off guard so they were relaxed and not posing for the camera – the kind of shots that truly capture the feel of the day.  I won’t say anymore about the day and can only post selective images so not to identify anyone out of respect for the couple, families and friends.

Having now shot one wedding I may well help out and be second shooter at a few more, watch this space….

Here is a little selection of what I captured on the day:


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