Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland

New Years Dook 2013

Despite being very ill I managed to drag myself out of bed and head along to the Arbroath New Years Dook.  Seeing as this event is for a good cause the least I could do was to get myself there with the camera to document it.

This year they moved the location of the event slightly so that it was on the beach between the LifeBoat station and the Signal Tower, which I think was a great idea as this section of the beach is a lot more sheltered.  Again it was a good turnout of both participants and spectators, well done to all that turned up and took part.

IMG_5497 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5498 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5502 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5503 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5504 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5506 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5511 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5513 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5517 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5521 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5522 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5524 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5533 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5539 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5541 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5542 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5543 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5551 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5556 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5559 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5571 - 01Jan2013

IMG_5574 - 01Jan2013


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