Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland


Fife night shoot

Wednesday nights shoot turned into a combination of some urbex exploring and an opportunity to shoot the stars, seeing as it was a clear sky.  The location was somewhere in Fife where there was  a mixture of buildings in various states dating from, at a guess, the 1940’s-50’s which made for some interesting shots with the starry sky as a backdrop.

IMG_6798 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6799 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6802 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6804 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6809 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6810 - 13Mar2013

I also left the camera running back to back 30 second exposures for a length of time at a couple of locations, these images when composited show the movement of the stars.  I didn’t leave the camera nearly long enough at either location to make the final image as good as I would have liked but given how cold it was and battery life being an issue this was all I could do.

Tayport stars

Tayport stars 2

This is definitely a location I want to return to on another night with a clear sky so I can leave the camera running for as long as my batteries will allow.  One day…..

Note – some of these images and others are available to order either direct from myself (using the contact page) or via Photo4Me


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  1. great set

    17/04/2013 at 17:17

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