Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland


Busy March

I’ve been a little quiet on here recently but that’s because I have been busy.  In March I have had the pleasure of shooting 2 weddings, both of which have been a pleasure to record the special day of each couple and I was made very welcome by all involved in both days.  I wish each couple a long and happy future together.

The down side, and the part most people aren’t aware of, is I have spent several days on each days images in order to organise, sort and edit them as a finished product.  Both were between 500 and a 1000 images of which around 200 were selected and worked on.

As neither couple have seen the images yet I won’t post any of them or their guests here now but here are a couple of items from each day to give a flavour.

IMG_6945 - 23Mar2013

IMG_7206 - 23Mar2013

IMG_7253 - 23Mar2013

IMG_7265 - 23Mar2013

IMG_7289 - 23Mar2013

DSC_2157 - 30Mar2013

DSC_2158 - 30Mar2013

IMG_7481 - 30Mar2013

IMG_7531 - 30Mar2013

IMG_7532 - 30Mar2013IMG_7536 - 30Mar2013

IMG_7752 - 30Mar2013

IMG_7772 - 30Mar2013


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