Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland


A bit blowy

Dundee was just hit by some stormy conditions (Tay Road Bridge closed most of the day, many houses in The Ferry without power) and my initial thought – long exposure images of the waves/clouds.  That’s right I decided to head out into those conditions with the camera and boy it was very windy and very very cold but boy it was worth it:

IMG_8644 - 16Apr2013

IMG_8651 - 16Apr2013

IMG_8671 - 16Apr2013-2

IMG_8671 - 16Apr2013

IMG_8675 - 16Apr2013

IMG_8677 - 16Apr2013-2

IMG_8677 - 16Apr2013

IMG_8678 - 16Apr2013

Note – most of these images and others are available to order either direct from myself (using the contact page) or via Photo4Me


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