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Highland Perthshire Enduro

Seeing as I was already heading to Perth today I decided to take a trip up the A9 to Dunkeld to check out an event I was tempted to enter but decided against, seeing as I’m not that good on a mtb yet. Plus I had some new kit to test out, but more on that another day.

The event was the Highland Perthshire Enduro which was billed as an XC event over 49km with 4 timed stages (2 being downhills).

I ended up catching most of the riders come through the final section 4 and boy it was definitely a downhill stage, even walking up it to find spots to capture the action was knackering enough nevermind trying to get down it in one piece.

Here is a selection from the stage:

IMG_8909 - 04May2013

IMG_8933 - 04May2013

IMG_9039 - 04May2013

IMG_9004 - 04May2013IMG_9051 - 04May2013

IMG_9102 - 04May2013

IMG_9106 - 04May2013

IMG_9151 - 04May2013

IMG_9184 - 04May2013

IMG_9208 - 04May2013

IMG_9221 - 04May2013

IMG_9240 - 04May2013

IMG_9265 - 04May2013

IMG_9266 - 04May2013

IMG_9289 - 04May2013

A bigger section of images can be found over on my Facebook Page here or if any participants want to see if I got any of them I can search through by numbers.


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