Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland


Auchmithie Waves Experiment

Last night was another outing with the good folks of PK Perspective and Robert Garside Photography where we all headed to Auchmithie.  This is the second time we have headed here for an evening shoot and again we discovered that it isn’t the best location for sunsets.  However, it is a good location of long exposures with the movement of the water over the rocks and pebbled beach so when I heard that was where we were going I knew I was in trouble due to having no filters and it being a sunny day.  But with this in mind I came up with a plan – there is a MachineMart near where I work so I nipped in and picked up some welding glass to see how well that would work as a replacement for a 8 or 10 stop ND filter.

So with a £3.50 something piece of glass off I went:

IMG_9316 - 22May2013

IMG_9320 - 22May2013

IMG_9336 - 22May2013

IMG_9354 - 22May2013

IMG_9356 - 22May2013

IMG_9362 - 22May2013

Turns out that it works ok, it’s not brilliant in that the colour cast it gives means all the images look very flat and it takes a lot of editing to bring that back whilst at the same time brightening most of the image.  But as an emergency filter it does its job, without I could only get exposures of up to 1/4th of a second and with it I could get up to 25 seconds.  I say up to 25 seconds but I discovered around exposures of between 8-15 seconds worked better.  This is because how the glass fitted my Cokin filter holder meant there was a gap between the lens and the filter so light was getting in there after bouncing off the wrong side of the glass so giving a weird effect on the images.  This is one of the worst examples I got:

 IMG_9331 - 22May2013

I have thought of a solution to this (i.e. to fill/cover this gap) but in the future I will simply avoid doing longer exposures than 10-15 seconds.  But one thing I have learnt is that I need to get myself a proper set of good quality filters as they are essential for any daytime long exposures.

I also took other images I took whilst there and without the welding glass:

IMG_9389 - 22May2013 

IMG_9395 - 22May2013

IMG_9405 - 22May2013 

IMG_9410 - 22May2013

While we were there we kept our eye on this very suspicious character who seemed to be taking an age to work out how to use a camera of some description!!! (I say camera but it had “NIKON” etched onto it so I don’t believe it’s a camera at all)

 IMG_9379 - 22May2013

A selection of these images will be uploaded to my Photo4Me account shortly


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