Making photographs, not just taking them – Dundee, Tayside, Scotland


Dundee Observatory

This week a few of us headed out for an evening shoot.  Seeing as my lovely wife is very near her due date we couldn’t venture too far from home for me, with this the Dundee Observatory was suggested and as non of us had been that’s where we went.

Turns out that there is no views to be had from up on the hill, too many trees, so it doesn’t make a very good daylight location.  This shows by the lack of decent images any of us got.  We did all come to the conclusion that it would make a great winter/dark night location to light up the building or do star trails.

Anyway the images I took that are keepers:

IMG_0149 - 04Jun2013_HDR

IMG_0146 - 04Jun2013_HDR

IMG_0111 - 04Jun2013-2

IMG_0111 - 04Jun2013

Copies of the main Observatory image, along with many of my others, can be  purchased over on Photo4me or by getting in touch.


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