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St Andrews Running Festival 2014

So Sunday saw the second year of the St Andrews Running Festival and again I was along covering it for PK Perspective.

While it was great covering this event as you get to see the determination of those taking park and the reward for all those hours training plus there is always good banter as they pass, I’m beginning to struggle to fight the urge to take part myself. Now that I really enjoy my running I’m always on the lookout for more events to take part in and as the half marathon is my preferred distance this would have been ideal for me.  Well apart from that wind – then again it’s warmer running than standing in it for hours at a time!

Anyway here is a small selection of images from the day that show what a great event this is:

To see all images from the day take a look over at the Half Marathon and 5/10km galleries. (although it may take another 24 hours to complete the full upload)




Sportive St Andrews 2013

So Sunday was the Sportive St Andrews 2013, the second year this event has run and again I was lucky to be invited along to help shoot the event for PK Perspective. Again it was a 3 man (well person) team and we had a cunning plan to cover it.

Ian would try to catch everyone eagerly starting off and returning, mainly still smiling but not looking so energetic. Whilst myself and Sarah headed out onto the route to catch most riders at a point where all the 3 routes went and 2 of the 3 separated off after a single 25 mile lap. The fog was really thick at this point of the route and it wasn’t easy to see the riders, in fact early on when the roads were quite we often heard the riders chatting before we could see them lol

IMG_3172 - 25Aug2013

IMG_2886 - 25Aug2013

IMG_2961 - 25Aug2013

IMG_2975 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3051 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3059 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3062 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3142 - 25Aug2013

After that we hot footed it over to the hill before Strathkinnes, this is a spot we shot at last year too and we returned for a specific reason – it’s the biggest and toughest hill of the day. Yes we take pleasure from others pain, although saying that almost all riders manage a laugh, joke, smile, a pose or even a wheelie by one guy on the way passed – so it can’t be that bad right?!?

IMG_3463 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3504 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3546 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3566 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3612 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3656 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3726 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3761 - 25Aug2013

IMG_3931 - 25Aug2013

Then we raced back to catch more riders getting back to the finish and a rest.

IMG_3982 - 25Aug2013

IMG_4011 - 25Aug2013

IMG_4091 - 25Aug2013

IMG_4106 - 25Aug2013

IMG_4133 - 25Aug2013

It was another brilliant event enjoyed by over 400 riders, a few were confused a little by the routes (the 5 mile climb out of St Andrews will make thinking more difficult) and only one gave me a mouthful of abuse despite there being a marshal to ask not the photographers (I’m sure you know who you are – naught boy).

This is only a small selection of the images I took, for more and all from both Ian and Sarah take a look over at the official PK Perspective gallery.


The Eliminator by Muckmedden

Well that’s the weekends event done. Awesome weather on Saturday with dry trails and brilliant sunshine, shame it wasn’t the same again on Sunday.

Well done to all those that took part, congrats to the winners and a massive thank you to the organisers and all those that helped out. This truly was a great event and I hope it goes ahead again next year (who knows I may even enter myself…. Or I might just take the camera again).

Here’s a little selection of images:

IMG_2406 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2361 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2396 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2411 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2442 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2549 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2600 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2616 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2617 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2628 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2663 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2683 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2706 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2712 - 27Jul2013

IMG_2721 - 27Jul2013

The full official gallery can be found over at PK Perspective – where images can be ordered for print, download, etc


St Andrews Triathlon 2013

I had the pleasure, along with the folks at PK Perspective, to cover the St Andrews Triathlon 2013.  What an enjoyable event it was to watch, yes I specify WATCH, and well done to all those that took part and suffered in the heat.

Here is a small selection of images from the day:

IMG_9539 - 07Jul2013

IMG_9543 - 07Jul2013

IMG_0873 - 07Jul2013

IMG_0876 - 07Jul2013

More will be uploaded to the official gallery where prints or downloads can be ordered/purchased.  Please be patient as we have more then 4000 images to work our way through.

A Long Time Coming (Union of South Africa 60009)

Today was a bit of a special day for me and one I’ve waiting on for a long time.  Yes you might think I’m sad but I don’t care, why? I’ll tell you why.

I grew up in a house that overlooks the main East Coast mainline (that’s the railway for those that don’t know) but more specifically overlooked a big shed that housed an express passenger steam locomotive – the Union of South Africa (60009).  So for years everytime the engine was being taken out it sat where I could see it from the living room window for a couple of hours heating the water in the boiler until it was up to steam.  Of course being a kid watching from a window wasn’t good enough when I could be out there over the road watching it up close.  And that is what I did many times during my childhood.  Until one sad day, the day I watched this loco being loaded onto a flatbed truck and driven down south, that day way sometime in May 1994 and I haven’t seen that engine since…..

That was until today.  Today was the first time she has come north of Fife, today was the day she hauled a train from back from Aberdeen to Edinburgh and today the first time I’ve seen her in almost 20 years.

Unfortunately she wasn’t hauling the tour up to Aberdeen but I thought she was still going up with it.  It turned out that she got hauled up an hour before by a diesel loco so sadly at lunchtime I had to make do with a Class 5 loco pulling the Great Britain VI:

IMG_8710 - 24Apr2013

IMG_8717 - 24Apr2013

IMG_8719 - 24Apr2013

IMG_8721 - 24Apr2013

But I did know that later the Union of South Africa was hauling the train on the return trip so I took position at the south end of the Tay Rail Bridge and waited.  First to appear was the diesel loco that went north with the Class 5 earlier:

IMG_8737 - 24Apr2013

Then a little while later I heard the distinct whistle of the A4 class locos before seeing her in the distance making the approach to the north end of the bridge.  Robert (Robert Garside Photography) who was with me managed to get a good spot looking right along the bridge:


Courtesy of Robert Garside Photography


Courtesy of Robert Garside Photography

Meanwhile I was on higher ground and balancing one foot on a stepladder the other on a very shoogly fence post:

IMG_8744 - 24Apr2013

IMG_8746 - 24Apr2013

IMG_8748 - 24Apr2013

IMG_8753 - 24Apr2013

After this we jumped in the car and made the most of the 20minute stop at Leuchars so found a position towards Dairsie further down the line so we could get another pass:

IMG_8762 - 24Apr2013

IMG_8763 - 24Apr2013

IMG_8764 - 24Apr2013

IMG_8768 - 24Apr2013

Ok so some of you might still think I’m sad, but I don’t care as I’m happy 🙂

Note – most of these images and others are available to order either direct from myself (using the contact page) or via Photo4Me


Fife night shoot

Wednesday nights shoot turned into a combination of some urbex exploring and an opportunity to shoot the stars, seeing as it was a clear sky.  The location was somewhere in Fife where there was  a mixture of buildings in various states dating from, at a guess, the 1940’s-50’s which made for some interesting shots with the starry sky as a backdrop.

IMG_6798 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6799 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6802 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6804 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6809 - 13Mar2013

IMG_6810 - 13Mar2013

I also left the camera running back to back 30 second exposures for a length of time at a couple of locations, these images when composited show the movement of the stars.  I didn’t leave the camera nearly long enough at either location to make the final image as good as I would have liked but given how cold it was and battery life being an issue this was all I could do.

Tayport stars

Tayport stars 2

This is definitely a location I want to return to on another night with a clear sky so I can leave the camera running for as long as my batteries will allow.  One day…..

Note – some of these images and others are available to order either direct from myself (using the contact page) or via Photo4Me

Sportive St Andrews

This blog is a little late but here it is.

Following on from shooting the Muckmedden charity mountain bike event the good folks at PK Perspective were booked for another charity cycle event – Sportive St Andrews.  Again I offered my services to help them out cover an even with over 300 participants.

This time it was a road event which was time trials based rather than a mass start, this with the fact that there was 3 different routes (45, 64 and 80 miles) made it interesting to find locations to catch as many people as possible.

But cover it we did and I had a great time doing it with the majority of the riders entertaining us as they passed, either giving a smile, wave, pose or just a laugh and a joke.

I ended up capturing well over 750 images on the day, which I slimmed down to around 250 decent shots but I certainly won’t be posting them all here.  Instead here is just a few of what I think were the best shots and the ones that summed up the day for me:

Note – following on from this I got the very first sale of my work, via the PK Perspective site at least a handful of my images have been ordered as prints.  I haven’t asked again about how many have been ordered since I found out at least 5 have been ordered, as the fact that some sold was good enough news for me 🙂