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Forfar SXC

Well I managed to get along to the opening round of the Scottish Cross Country (SXC) Mountain Bike Racing Series 2014. This round was held in Forfar, well in the hills/quarry just south of Forfar.

I didn’t make it the whole day (had a birthday party to take the kids to in the morning) so by the time I got there the females race(s) were finished and they had already started the kids/junior races. Even the kids races were full of action (partly due to the brilliant course they had) and great to see so many youngsters pushing so hard and already being so good on their bikes.

Next came the men’s race(s) which to be honest I wasn’t prepared for, it was just full on racing (and I do mean full on) and it stayed like that for the full race. That was impressive enough until I then went round the course and discovered how many ups and downs there were and how technical some of the descents were.

Anyway enough words, here’s some shots of the action:

Oh and after all that racing the series of images near the end above show the 1st and 2nd place Mens Elite riders battling for the line – it took the timing chips to seperate them!

For more images check out the full Gallery (warning there is approx. 600 images) and anyone wanting to know where exactly this event took place or what the course was you can find that here.

UPDATE – I have also put together a short video from the racing action which can be found here.


Something New

Turned my hand to something new a few days ago, shooting a couple of vehicles.  I hadn’t tried this before and what I learned is that there is a lot of post editing required to really make any of the images interesting.  Without any editing all the images simply looked boring and the vehicles didn’t stand out at all.  Here is the edited/final images:




ST with plane

One other thing I discovered is that a really wide angled lens (a 10-20mm) could be useful to give a different look/perspective to this kind of shot, shooting at 17mm on a crop sensor body isn’t wide enough for what I was thinking.  But what I did do with my 17-50mm lens was to zero in on a few details of the car and these shots I really like, they also required some editing but not as much as the full car shots:

ST details

ST logo

ST with Tay Rail Bridge