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Wind Power!

Recent events in Dundee, with huge wind turbines being delivered to the docks and then transported through the City and taken North, inspired tonights outing with the camera to see these things in action.  With that it was a trip to the wind farm north of Alyth.

I really had no idea the size of these things fully built, working and up close. In fact the closer we got the more un-nerving they became.  And the noise! I’ve never been near ones this big so I had no idea they could be so noise, it was like being at an airport with light aircraft waiting to take off!

Sadly the plan didn’t quite work as we had hoped for a nice sunset but by the time we got there the light was almost gone and it was clear we weren’t going to get a colourful sky.  Also another problem is that the blades don’t show up as well as expected in long exposure shots.

Any image taken with a shutter speed less than 1/40th of a second looked like this:

IMG_5260 - 20Sep2013

Any over longer than a second this is how it comes out:

IMG_5263 - 20Sep2013

IMG_5264 - 20Sep2013

But taken side on the blades appear as I expected:

IMG_5268 - 20Sep2013

This still wasn’t giving the results hoped for so instead out came the speed lights and some fun was had lighting up one of them multiple times during long exposures:

IMG_5273 - 20Sep2013

IMG_5278 - 20Sep2013

IMG_5290 - 20Sep2013

Definitely not what was planned for tonight but I did manage to get a few interesting shots in the end.